We lead companies to success

At Werocks we help take your vison to the next level. The journey of entrepreneurship is equally exciting and unpredictable, and our team of experts can help navigate through the wilderness. Wherever you find yourself on the path - ideation, execution, or growth - we can assist.

What we do

We work in close partnership with founders on their current challenges and future planning to help them rise above the competition. Our team’s combined 50+ years of operational and investment experience and deep network in the Silicon Valley ecosystem helps founders meet and exceed their goals.

Our experts are skilled in using their extensive knowledge base and real world experience to be an invaluable partner in multiple areas: marketing, sales, fundraising, operations, management, finance, software development, and more.


Our goal is allow you to focus on what matters most: your company’s product. Werocks provides a robust suite of management services: legal, HR, finance, and administration.


Need developers for your team? Our partner’s world class developers will work with you to efficiently create a five-star product.


A holistic investment strategy focuses on more than just money. It is easy to get caught up in series A, B, and C, but our single-minded interest is clear: to deliver the next stage of growth for your business. We critically analyze your business plan, from product development, product release, new market development to international expansion, to ensure your business is moving in a steadfast, strategic direction and provide the capital needed to achieve this goal.

We help you achieve goals

Who we are looking for

  1. Are you a first time entrepreneur looking for a close partnership with an experienced mentor?
  2. Did you run into challenges to assemble a team that performs?
  3. Do you need assistance with your fundraising strategy?
  4. Are you achieving your milestones at the rate you anticipated?
  5. Do you want to scale your business to ensure growth?


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